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Free Soundcloud Followers, Likes and Plays

Followers, likes and plays have been the top indicators of a successful artist since it opens up a lot of monetization for you and help you get more new followers, thus more growth. So only on StarzLand, you can get as many as 50+ Soundcloud followers or likes or 300 free SoundCloud plays for FREE, to start just enter your email and your profile link for followers or track link for likes/plays.

How to Get more free followers, likes and plays on Soundcloud ?

First things first, the key to success is good music. If people enjoy your music, it means you have got your part done, all that's left is how you promote yourself, so here are some tips on how to do that :

  • Develop and maintain a consistent, interesting, and engaging presence across Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and even less obvious platforms like Snapchat.
  • An exciting, interesting, and original music video has the potential to go viral online, even if the track isn't a hit.
  • Use Reddit and similar platforms with specific categories for artists to publish and share their music, such as /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers/ , /r/shareyourmusic/ , /r/futurebeatproducers/ etc.

If you haven't already, you can get free Soundcloud followers / plays / likes.

Why do you offer free Soundcloud followers, likes and plays?

This is just a free sample to prove quality to our customers, which many later buy our services: Followers , Likes, Comments, Plays, and Reposts.

Is your free trial safe for my account ?

Yes. Over the past two years, we've served thousands of followers and likes and never run into a case where a user had their account banned or suspended over our services.

When will I receive my free followers, likes or plays?

After submitting the form above, you'll get a success message "Free Trial Claimed" then you'll be receiving your free followers or likes within 1-12hrs. Usually it will take 5min.

Will I receive free SoundCloud plays ?

Yes. this is no joke or a spam to do surveys for an imaginary promise, this is a legit way to get free soundcloud plays.

Which is better free SoundCloud plays or followers ?

It depends on your needs, if you lack followers, we'd recommend going for free followers, but if you want to give your tracks more attention you can go with free soundcloud plays or likes.

How to claim free SoundCloud plays / followers / likes ?

Really simple, just follow these steps :

  1. Enter your profile link ( for followers ) or track link ( for likes / plays )
  2. Enter your Email
  3. Click on "Try it Now"
  4. That's it, congrats on your free SoundCloud plays, likes or followers

Will my Soundcloud followers or track plays and likes drop?

No. We keep a close eye on our customers monitoring their accounts and growth, we have never seen someone drops followers and likes from neither our free trial or paid services.

Can I get more free Soundcloud likes or followers or plays?

Unfortunately, this is a one-time free service that can't be redeemed twice, so you must make a choice either you want free soundcloud followers and boost your profile, or free soundcloud likes or plays for your track. However there is another service we recommend that offers free soundcloud plays and followers as well.

Where can I find my track URL or profile URL?

Profile URL :

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Track URL :

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What are the Benefits of having more Soundcloud followers?

When a person starts a social media page, his main concern is popularity. He wants to reach out to maximum number of people as possible all around the world. When you are associated with a popular brand or company, getting large number of followers or likes is not a difficult thing. One can have them conveniently. However, when you are just an enthusiast of music, art or something else like that or started a page as a hobby. Start your free trial and get free Soundcloud fololwers since they are the best available options. It is similar to advertising your page in front of people who have similar likes and interests. There are several benefits of free followers and fans other than just having them. Some of them are:

  • Increased popularity: When you Get free Soundcloud followers, they are genuine people with genuine accounts. When a person will like you, know about your work and interest, he will share it on liking it. They will like your sound bite. your videos and your posts. Once the chain starts, it can go on to endless number of people. You will buy them initially but later on, you have to work towards increasing your influence on them.
  • Increased reach: All the followers you have gotten with buying soundcloud followers are genuine people from all around the world. You can easily increase your reach to all these people through this program. Several companies even provide an opportunity to choose the country from where they want to have followers or likes or plays. Therefore, you can have desired and targeted reach.
  • Affordable : In comparison to general marketing program for SoundCloud artists. buying Soundcloud followers is rather easier and affordable. You can choose from a wide range of buying plans available with service providers. Ranging from 100 to unlimited, you can choose any plan according to your budget. You can also get 50+ free SoundCloud followers from our free trial, This is good for everyone from starting artist to an already established one.

Increasing reach to probable buyers or people is much easier this way. Moreover, you are getting popularity as well which is generally very difficult to obtain, given the number of Soundcloud accounts. which are running right now. So what are you waiting for, claim your free trial and get them free Soundcloud followers or likes right now.

How about Soundcloud likes and plays?

Soundcloud is a great platform from where you can start your music career. Soundcloud allows users to create and post their music recordings. But no matter how good you sing or perform it becomes quite difficult to get likes, that's why we are offering free SoundCloud likes and plays.

Some users just listen to tracks and forget to like or doesn't like intentionally. So, if you are also a Soundcloud user who gains decent number of Soundcloud plays but are not getting likes then you should claim this free trial and get them likes for free. There are actually many benefits to free Soundcloud plays and likes and some of such benefits are as mentioned below:

  • Getting popular: The Soundcloud tracks which will have many likes will surely attract more and more listeners. So getting free SoundCloud likes is not a bad idea. As the list of listeners increases the number of Soundcloud plays on your tracks will also increase. And you clearly know that if the views and likes rise at a skyrocketed rate no one can stop you from getting popular.
  • You will get paid: As you will start getting popularity through your Soundcloud tracks your music career in the real world will kick start too. Many well known musicians have started their music career through Soundcloud and they have got work after getting viral in Soundcloud. So, if you gain likes and you go viral in the platform you will also be able to get work in the field of music and thus you will get paid too.
  • Let's Deduce: So, what are you waiting for? claim your free SoundCloud likes at StarzLand and Search for a leading Soundcloud marketing service provider and and get likes from them. You can be completely assured that such a leading service provider will deliver you with authentic and absolutely real Soundcloud likes and views. And besides their service will be pretty affordable too. Don't hesitate it's free just enter your track link and wait for free likes to flow through your tracks