SoundCloud is gradually becoming a must-have tool for independent musicians, finally giving a functional social network for artists to showcase their work and earn new listeners.

For years, many sites have been vying to become the “standard” music-based social media network, and it appears that SoundCloud is in the lead – at least for the time being. The site's co-founder revealed at the end of last year that the site currently has 180 million monthly visitors. Furthermore, every minute, individuals submit more than ten hours of music to the site.

Many people have played tracks from the site without even realizing it because the songs are easy to embed on other sites but there are tons of ways you can leverage the SoundCloud site itself for use, as well.

So, what is it about SoundCloud that makes it so beneficial to an upcoming musician? There are two key causes, in my opinion.

1. You Can Build A Community

Creating a profile is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes by following a few simple instructions on the site. However, as with any social media platform, engaging other users is essential for a successful and interactive SoundCloud profile. Simply posting your songs is insufficient.

SoundCloud starts recommending tracks you might enjoy immediately, and it will zero in on your personal tastes as you keep going. It will also suggest tracks based on the genres of your music.

The best way to get started is to find a track you like and leave a comment on it. You can also choose to follow the artist. There is a lot of follow for follow action on SoundCloud, so following other artists will often increase your own follower count.

That comment you just made places your name next to something that people are already listening to. Simply getting your name out there can increase traffic to your profile and get you some plays.

2. SoundCloud Has A Repost Feature

Reposts are one of the most popular features on Soundcloud. If you're a smaller artist looking to get your music out there, getting as many reposts as possible is the best way to do so. Similarly, if you're a listener looking to discover and enjoy new music, simply check out people's reposts and show your support for artists you like by sharing their tracks with your friends and followers.

Overall, Soundcloud reposts are a fantastic tool that can help many new artists find an audience while also allowing people to enjoy, share, and listen to a diverse range of popular (and not-so-popular) songs and albums.

The coolest part is that SoundCloud begins to mix your music in with the tracks you repost. After listening to a song, it will either suggest or play a related track. When you repost a song, one of yours may appear as a related track, which is especially likely if the same artist reposts some of your music.

So, by assisting other artists, you are frequently assisting yourself. The best way to accomplish this is to join a repost community (which I will discuss in the following post.)

While some people use Soundcloud to listen to their favorite artists and musicians, others use it to discover new tunes and sounds that they may not be able to find on YouTube or Spotify. The latter would be impossible to achieve without the Soundcloud Reposts. It is what distinguishes Soundcloud as one of the most diverse audio streaming platforms available today.

Every time you go exploring new art on Soundcloud, you're helping real, passionate creators find their voice online.

Another approach would be to buy Soundcloud Reposts to increase your reach and get new fans through people.

The Bottom Line

Just go to SoundCloud and make your profile today. Even if you don’t think your music is all that great yet, even if your first song isn’t finished. I’ve seen plenty of profiles with zero tracks who somehow have hundreds of followers, so there’s plenty of benefit in starting now.

Soundcloud's reposting and other similar features are what make the platform so unique and user-friendly. It's a place where you can expand your audience, listen to your favorite music, and support emerging artists on the platform.

Many artists are probably doing worse than you in terms of getting their names out there and earning money right now. This has nothing to do with talent; they are simply reaping the benefits of their efforts.